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Mary Hammond

Police Named Steven Mudko As The Man For Mary Hammond's Death

Hammond had the early morning shift at the former Buns Master Bakery, 110 Morton Ave., where she had worked for approximately one year.Mary declined her husband's offer to drive her to work and left the home alone on the 1.5 km walk.

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Ben Tyner

Ben Tyner Was Last Seen Working As manager Of Nicola Ranch

It's believed Tyner may have set off to the nearby foothills of the Nicola Valley, searching for cattle. While his absence was not initially thought to be suspicious, major detectives were brought in two months later.

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Patricia Lupton

Toronto's Oldest Cold Case That Remains a Mystery to This Day

Three men found her strangled to death tossed near the side of the road. Patricia Lupton is the oldest Toronto Police cold case. Little is known about the case and there is a startlingly low amount of information out there that is often contradicted.

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Marilyn Bergeron

Many sightings of Marilyn Bergeron have been Reported Since Her Disappearance

Marilyn Bergeron's family, who has put up a reward for information leading to the resolution of the case, believes she may have instead met with foul play.

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