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Saskatchewan Looking For Answers In Byron Watson's Disappearance

Byron watson

Byron Watson

Maple Creek, Saskatchewan — Byron Watson, 23, was last seen in Maple Creek on the morning of November 26, 2023. The search efforts for Watson have been extensive, involving both ground searches and the use of drones. Despite the efforts of the RCMP and Watson's family, as well as community members, no sign of him has been found.

The search area has covered approximately 170 square kilometers, indicating the thoroughness of the efforts to locate him.

The community came together to support the search, and it is important to continue these efforts in the hope of finding Watson and bringing him home safely.

"Somebody might have been missing for 24 hours and then they show up, but we have not had somebody that has gone missing without a trace, it affects the whole community and trickles down through everybody, Maple Creek's mayor Michelle McKenzie said.

Watson's family is clearly taking every possible step to find him and bring him home safely. By using social media and monitoring online for any potential clues, they are leveraging the power of technology to aid in the search efforts.

Additionally, Watson's bank account is also under constant watch, with his family picking up his final paycheque from work. Keeping a close watch on Watson's bank account is a smart move, as it can provide important information about his whereabouts and activities.

It's evident that his family is leaving no stone unturned in their quest to locate him, demonstrating their unwavering commitment and determination to find answers.

By utilizing a combination of traditional and modern search methods, they are maximizing their chances of successful outcome. Their dedication and resourcefulness are truly commendable.

Watson's aunt Lori Watson says her other nephew who is only three-years-old has been asking for answers.

"He asks where his uncle Barney is, how do we tell him that we don't know where he his?" she asked. "Right now without any leads we really need someone to speak up, there has been an aforementioned reward of $5,000, but we really needs tips," Anthony Buffalocalf, who is part of the search team, told CTV News.

The search party is committed to continuing their efforts and waiting for any tips or information that could lead to finding out what happened. Maple Creek is situated about 380 kilometers southwest of Regina, providing context for the location of the search.

It's important for the community to come together and support the search efforts by providing any relevant information they may have.

Anyone with information about the potential whereabouts of Byron Watson is urged to contact Maple Creek RCMP at 306-662-5550, or to reach out to Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Ryan Abdella

Ryan Abdella

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