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Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women And Girls In Canada

Explore our website to learn about the heartbreaking reality of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in Canada, raising awareness and advocating for justice.

Name Age Year Location Status
Eva Baker 29 1952 British Columbia Body not located. Police suspect victim to be dead due to suicide
Ginger Bellerose 26 2001 Alberta Convicted – Relationship of victim or offender not known
Ginger Belcourt 12 2004 Alberta N/A
Yvonne Abigosis N/A 1984 British Columbia N/A
Christine Ackabee 43 2006 British Columbia Convicted – Stranger
Jackie Adams 30 1996 British Columbia Unsolved
Joni Andre N/A 2004 Northwest Territories Convicted – Intimate partner (Current or former spouse, boyfriend, etc. of either gender)
Joni Agawa 63 2009 Ontario Murder of victim or Suicide of offender
Bernadette Ahenakew 22 1989 Alberta Unsolved
Laura Ahenakew 22 1985 Saskatchewan Charges laid; unknown outcome
Laura Akavak 39 2000 Nunavut Convicted – Intimate partner (Current or former spouse, boyfriend, etc. of either gender)
Teresa Aklunark 64 2009 Nunavut Murdered – Charges stayed; remains unsolved
Adrienne Amikons 14 1997 Otario Accused found not criminally responsible or unfit to stand trial
Adrienne Alook 35 2004 Alberta N/A
Nancy Benn 16 2008 Manitoba N/A
Leah Anderson 15 2013 Manitoba Unsolved
Jessica Anuroff 22 2011 British Columbia N/A
Shelley Anderson N/A 2009 Ontario N/A
Cassandra Antoine 20 1997 British Columbia Unsolved
Lisa Anstey 21 1997 Ontario Unsolved
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Name Age Year Location Status
Tara Arney 41 2008 Saskatchewan N/A
Elena Assam 17 2002 Newfoundland Convicted – Stranger
Elisapi Assapa 31 2003 Nunavut Convicted – Offender known to victim
Susan Asslin N/A 1974 Ontario Unsolved
Cynthia Audy 27 2004 Manitoba N/A
Linda Backfat 40 2006 Alberta Suspicious situations surrounding death
Shelly Bacsu 16 1983 Alberta Suspicious situations surrounding death
Coral Baird 15 2006 British Columbia N/A
Chystal Baker 35 2002 British Columbia Unsolved
Karen Baker N/A 1986 British Columbia Unsolved – Acquittal
Marie Banks 18 1983 Manitoba Unsolved
Lora Banman 23 1999 British Columbia Unsolved
Jordena Baptiste 22 2003 Alberta Convicted – Offender known to victim
Immaculate Basil 26 2013 British Columbia N/A
Lisa Bear 20 2001 British Columbia Charges laid; unknown outcome
Geraldine Beardy 29 2009 Manitoba Murdered – Charges stayed; remains unsolved
Chrystal Bearisto 23 2003 PEI Convicted – Offender known to victim
Leanne Benwell 27 2007 Alberta Murdered - Unsolved
Nadine Beaulieu 1 1996 Manitoba Murdered – Charges stayed; remains unsolved
Dillon Belanger 4 2010 Manitoba Charges laid; unknown outcome
Jeffrey Andrew Dupres
Jeffrey Dupres

Jeffrey Dupres told his mother he was going with his five-year-old friend to play next-door at his house. About 20 minutes later, the friend showed up looking for him.
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Murders In Windsor
Murders In Windsor

The 1980 murder of Kirk Knight; the 1982 murder of 31-year-old Marlene Sweet and her 7-year-old son Jason; the 2003 killings of 30-year-old Debilleanne "Dee Dee" Williamson and her son 5-year-old Brandon "Xavier" Rucker.
Windsor, Ontario


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