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The Top Ten Canadian Rudest Towns or Cities According To Residents


Steinbach, Manitoba

Steinbach is a city located about 58 km south-east of Winnipeg, MB. Steinbach is the third-largest city in Manitoba, with a population of 17,806, and the largest community in the Eastman region. The city is bordered by the Rural Municipality of Hanover to the north, west, and south, and the Rural Municipality of La Broquerie to the east. Steinbach was first settled by Plautdietsch-speaking Mennonites from the Russian Empire in 1874, whose descendants continue to have a significant presence in the city today.

Canada Top Ten Cities

Ranked on a scale from 10 to 1 where 1 is the rudest. The data is auto-compiled through answers supplied by 812 people.

Rank City Score
10 Steinbach, MB 7.60
9 Quebec City, QC 7.51
8 Midland, ON 7.46
7 Surrey, BC 6.37
6 Toronto, ON 6.30
5 Napanee, ON 6.21
4 Kelowna, BC 6.13
3 Thompson, MB 6.11
2 Montreal, QC 6.08
1 Edmonton, AB 6.06

Which Canadian town/city do you think is the rudest?

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