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Unsolved files in town/city of Montreal

Paolo Renda Paolo Renda

Vehicle found parked, windows down
UCF #104200054
Location: Montreal, Quebec
File: Mysterious Disappearance of Paolo Renda
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John Doe John Doe

Stabbed 127 times
UCF #104200066
Location: Montreal, Quebec
File: Cartierville John Doe
Contributor: Ryan A.
It was March 1, 1991, when someone who worked at a city dump in Cartierville, a neighborhood in Montreal, Quebec noticed blood on a box wrapped inside of garbage bags. Inside of them was the mutilated, naked body of a white male, who had both of his hands cut off and had been stabbed a total of 127 times, including to his face and genitals, rendering him unrecognizable due to the trauma inflicted.

According to the Doe Network, it had snowed recently, but there was a lack of snow on the surface of the box which indicated it hadn't been there long. Investigators believe that the murder was probably a crime of passion, and haven't ruled out the possibility the killing was a "settling of accounts" by organized crime.

John Doe was aged anywhere between 30-49 years old, stood between 5'2"-5'3" (157-159 cm), weighing 99-117 pounds (45-53 kg), and had brown hair. The man sported a gray mustache, which had been noted as growing in an "odd circular pattern". His teeth were in good health and he had a vaccination scar on his right arm.
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Paul Frappier aka Bad News Brown Paul Frappier aka Bad News Brown

Body Found In An Alley
UCF #104200119
Location: Montreal, Quebec
File: Death of Bad News Brown
Contributor: Barbara B.
Paul Frappier (May 8, 1977 to February 11, 2011), better known by his stage name Bad News Brown (at times, also as BNB and Briz Brown), was a Montreal-based Canadian entertainer, musician, and hip hop MC of Haitian origin. He was well known for pairing the sound of his chief instrument, the harmonica, with hip-hop beats and rhymes.

Frappier started out busking in Montreal, taking his signature sound as a teenager to the streets and subway stations. He later toured and opened for many well-known hip hop acts or as background musician. He also appeared as an impromptu host in Music for a Blue Train, the 2003 documentary about busker musicians in the Montreal Metro subway train system.

Brown's corpse was found in an alley on February 11, 2011. Police said "there was evidence of violence at the scene". His body was found in an industrial area near the Lachine Canal in Montreal.
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Gerald Charles Rideout Gerald Charles Rideout

Presumedly Murdered By Loan Sharks
UCF #104200216
Location: Montreal, Quebec
File: Merchant Marine, Gerald Charles Rideout Murdered
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