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Unsolved files in town/city of Brampton

Kara Lynn Clark

Murdered in Brampton on July 21, 2017
UCF #104200239
Location: Brampton, Ontario, Canada
File: Unsolved Murder Of Native Kara Lynn Clark
Contributor: Ann D.

Kara Lynn Clark

File Number: 104200239

Brampton, Ontario - On the afternoon of July 21, 2017, Kara's body was found in the brush near a creek on Castlemore Road in Brampton.

Her employer had reported her missing three days earlier.

"We found out she had been missing for two or three days at that point and then it was pretty much the next day, was when we were told they found her body," recalled her sister.

Kara Lynn Clark was last seen leaving a residence in the area she was later found around 1 am. Authorities say her body had obvious signs of trauma but have not released a cause of death. They list her death as "suspicious" but will not comment on whether or not they believe she was murdered.

Clark and her mother travelled eight hours from Timmins to get Kara's body, only to learn three days later her remains were already on the way back to Timmins

Police said all possible investigative leads have been "exhausted" and the case is now classified as "pending further information."

"This means that investigators will act on any new information in relation to this investigation as it is received," said Cst. Bancroft Wright.

Since Kara was found with "little to no hair," the family believed she may have been scalped. However, that theory on the condition of her hair was debunked by investigators.

Kara had recently moved from Timmins to Brampton and was working at a recycling facility. According to Clark, she was living with a boyfriend she met at work.

Clark said during that last phone call with her sister, Kara revealed she had a fight with her boyfriend.

Clark said police were called and charges laid.

Police said there are separate reports in which both Kara and her boyfriend were charged in relation to domestic related incidents, but they would not confirm if the incidents took place during the days leading up to Kara’s murder.

If you have any information regarding the murder of Kara Lynn Clark, you are encouraged to contact the Peel Regional Police at 905-453-331.

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