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Unsolved files in town/city of Ottawa

Atilla Altikat Atilla Altikat

Gunned down on his way to work
UCF #104200105
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
File: Murder of Colonel Altikat
Contributor: Kashvi B.
Atilla Altikat, 45, was a Colonel in the Turkish Armed Forces who had been operating in Canada as a military attache. He was fatally gunned down in 1982 on his way to work as part of a series of attacks on Turkish diplomats around the world. Although far-left Armenian militant group ASALA claimed responsibility for these attacks, Altikat's specific killer has not since been named.
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Justin Rutter Justin Rutter

Missing since 2009
UCF #104200233
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
File: Ottawa Teen Justin Rutter Vanished Without a Trace
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