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Unsolved Case Files by Michael

Troy Troy Alfred Edgell

Last Seen in Cornwall
UCF #104200189
Location: Cornwall, Ontario
File: Disappearance of Troy Alfred Edgell
Contributor: Michael B.
Troy Edgell was last seen in Cornwall on June 4, 2000. He gave a ride to a family member driving a maroon 1987, Lincoln that he had borrowed from a friend. A day later the Lincoln was located, burned, out in the Lanark Highlands, northwest of Perth, Ontario.

Edgell was expected at a friend's house in Smith Falls but never arrived. Contact O.P.P at 613-267-2626 or Crime Stoppers if you have any information.

Jake Nicholas Just Jake Nicholas Just

Last seen walking home with some friends after a Devil's Night party
UCF #104200207
Location: Midland, Ontario
File: Ontario's Jake Nicholas Just Still Missing Without A Trace
Contributor: Michael B.
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Robert Allan Asher Robert Allan Asher

Missing since December 1, 1982
UCF #104200193
Location: Dunnville, Ontario
File: Disappearance of Robert Allan Asher
Contributor: Michael B.
Asher and his vehicle, a 1970 Pontiac LeMans, were last seen in his hometown of Dunnville, Ontario Ontario in the winter of 1982. Despite an extensive police investigation, neither Asher nor his vehicle have been located. He was known to be involved in the illicit drug trade and police suspect foul play is involved in his disappearance. He was reported missing May 1, 1983.

Missing Vehicle Description: 1970 Pontiac LeMans, 2 door hardtop, brown/gold in colour, bearing Ontario plate CKY315 and V.I.N. 235370112993.

Jennifer Cusworth Jennifer Cusworth

Went missing from a house party in Kelowna
UCF #104200223
Location: Kelowna, British Columbia
File: The Disappearance and Death of Jennifer Cusworth
Status: SOLVED
Contributor: Michael B.
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Joan Joan Lawrence

Cat Lady and 3 seniors vanished
UCF #104200085
Location: Huntsville, Muskoka, Ontario
File: Disappearance of Joan Lawrence "Cat Lady"
Contributor: Michael B.
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Cheryl Anne Hanson Cheryl Anne Hanson

Disappeared After Asking Her Mother To a Sleepover With Her cousins
UCF #104200188
Location: Aurora, Ontario
File: Disappearance of Seven-Year-Old Cheryl Anne Hanson
Contributor: Michael B.
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Gerald Charles Rideout Gerald Charles Rideout

Presumedly Murdered By Loan Sharks
UCF #104200216
Location: Montreal, Quebec
File: Merchant Marine, Gerald Charles Rideout Murdered
Contributor: Michael R.
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