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Map Shows Locations of Unidentified Remains in B.C.

Matt · November 5, 2020 15:42 ET.

Interactive Map Shows Locations Where Unidentified Remains of Close to 200 People Have Been Found Across B.C.

Replicas of two small skeletons
Replicas of two small skeletons, children's clothes, a lunch box, a leather aviator's cap, a woman's fur coat, a woman's shoe and a hatchet that were found in the Babes in the Woods case in 1953 are seen at the Vancouver Police Museum. (CBC Archives)

Kamloops, British Columbia - B.C. Coroners Service hopes new map will bring fresh tips on 200 unsolved cases

The B.C. Coroners Service launched a new interactive map marking locations where unidentified remains have been discovered with the hope of generating tips that could help determine who they belong to and how they died.

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The remains of close to 200 people have been found across B.C. over the past 60 years, but have never been identified. They include:

. A man in a park wearing a luxury Swiss watch with grass cuttings on his clothes, found in the spring of 1971.

. A man wearing a years-old concert T-shirt from a Romantics tour, found in the winter of 1994.

. Twin girls, less than a year old, found along the lakeshore at a provincial park in the fall of 1994.

"If we can embrace technology and make things better for a family that's got no answers on something, all the better," said Andy Watson, spokesperson for the coroners service, which investigates unnatural, sudden and unexpected, unexplained or unattended deaths in the province. "That's a big piece of what we're able to do."

Three of the sketches

Three of the sketches included on the B.C. Coroners Service map of locations where unidentified human remains were found in the province. The woman at left was found near Mission on Feb. 15, 1995. The man in the centre was found near North Bend on Dec. 22, 1989. The woman on the right was found near Kamloops on Sept. 24, 1996. (B.C. Coroners Service)

According to CBC, it took years to build the map and months to test for glitches. Blue points - the vast majority - are for men, while red are for women and green denotes undetermined gender.

The locations range from Haida Gwaii east to Kimberley, and south from the Juan de Fuca Strait north to the backwoods off Highway 16 - also known as the Highway of Tears.

Included in each marker on the map is as much detail about the person as possible: race, approximate age, hair colour, surgeries they may have had, number of fillings in their teeth and clothes they were wearing when they were found, right down to the brand name. Anything, Watson said, that could jog a memory.

Human remains can be anything from a single, delicate bone fragment to a fully intact body. Many of the cases on the map are decades old, back when there were fewer options for post-mortem testing that could identify someone - though Watson said there are scores of reasons remains can go unidentified for a long time.

Most of the remains belong to men, and many are clustered in the province's highly populated Lower Mainland. Many also line the province's arterial highways as well as the shoreline, where tides have washed them up.

Those we have held in our arms for a short while we hold in our hearts forever.!!!

- Mandy M. (Winnipeg, MB)

Prayers for residential school survivors... I just say pray right now, for the families, for the generations, for the hurt, for the pain, for the struggle. Rest In Peace, babies!!!

- Cherrie B. (Surrey, BC)

Just a few murders in RCMP files for Thompson, MB...Jacob Stokman, 58, who was killed July 27, 2008 in a Cree Road trailer, and Chantel Rikhiem, who was slain on Feb. 2, 2005. Plz look it up.

- Louis A. (Thompson, MB)

Many unsolved here in BC. A lot of these crimes happened a long time ago... Most of the victims don't get found, some get found but not right away and evidence is completely lost. Sad!

- Tristan W. (Vancouver, B.C.)

What is really important for these families is to know that as Canadians, is that we remember these murdered or missing people and keep our eyes and ears open.

- Sarah M. (Kamloops, B.C.)

What really happend to Franklin Shoofey, shot and killed outside his Montreal law office on Cherrier St?

- Janvier S. (Montreal, QC)

I am following up on a possible homicide investigation dating back to June 15, 2005. The body of Angus McLeod Stirling was found in a residence at 5456 Vedder Road. I lost touch with the conclusion of this incident. I was a previous neighbour when I lived in Chilliwack.

- Randelyn R. (Lethbridge, AB)

In 1982 a man claiming to be a professional race car driver talked his way into NASCAR's Winston 500 and then disappeared, leaving a trail of bounced checks and confused victims in his wake. This is the story of L. W. Wright: NASCAR's Mystery Driver. How about a non-violent sports mystery?

- Bacary T. (Windsor, ON)

Some unsolved crimes here in Thompson still have an investigation going on. We know that sometimes these investigations might take too long but the pressure must go on for justice!

- Kerrick A. (Thompson, MB)

Hi. Lots of unsolved cases here in Winnipeg that I don't see on this site. Maybe we all should come out and speak up, starting with ME! :)

- Debbie M. (Winnipeg, MB)

The bizarre case of Helen Doe, an unidentified car crash victim from 1991. Who is Helen Doe and is she part of the epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous women?

- Lisbeth V. (Toronto, ON)

I live in a small with some unsolved cases... Cold cases. Spreading the word can still save someone's life.

- David B. (Lunenburg, NS)

Hi there, I've grown up and lived in south okanagan for many years, I also remember in the North okanagan a young man associated with a VW car ,maybe selling it? Went missing, north of Vernon. The okanagan is a nice place but it attracts many criminal types.

- Sharon J. (South Okanagan, B.C.)

My kids father has gone missing for over a year. We have two children together. It isn't like him to not show up for the kids. His car was found abandoned. His car on and door open in Cheekeye. The police did not search for him then but took his car cause the keys were in it anx it was still running with him no where in sight. His name is Daniel Lee Reoch and he would be 30 now and turning 31 this year in March. He was declared missing January 7th I believe. I just want to put his story out there in hopes we can find some answers. SAR and RCMP and also family friends and the community did a ground search but it snowed so hard.

- Key-le-la H. (Squamish, B.C.)

Another year comes and tina Fontaine case is still unsolved. Senseless murders and violence against indigenous women :(

- Hillary W. (Winnipeg, MB)

Evelyn Cook case will forever haunt Alberta. Someone out there knows something...it's never too late to come forward!

- Melissa P. (Okotoks, AB)

So sad that still there is no updates on Mary Hammond!! Missing since 80s from Brantford, Ont.

- Patrick M. (Milton, ON)

Any information about Angie Hartmann? Angela a high school student has been missing since 1983 from Ottawa. There seems to be very little information available in this case. All I could find is an Ottawa Sun article from 2003, basically the only contact anyone has had with someone involved with Angela is a boyfriend she had briefly in early 1983 in Germany, who gave what information he had to the Doe Network.

- Nicole H. (Ottawa, ON)

It is unbelievable how many unsolved murders in Canada, especially in northern BC. May all R.I.P. They will never be forgotten.

- Lisa V. (Prince Rupert, B.C.)

I hope many of these cases will be solved. Families want justice or closure.

- Anna V. (Vancouver, B.C.)

My nephew has been missing for 12 years now but we have never given up. We are hoping and hoping!!

- Ernest H. (Winnipeg, MB)

I sometimes think that some unsolved cases are not really unsolved. They have been solved but no enough evidence to convict the perpetrator.

- Julie N. (Toronto, ON)

We lost our lovely daughter. Disappeared mysteriously 14 years ago in Calgary. She was 11 years old. This case is still unsolved today. Please keep the word out. We hope that she is somewhere... Alive!

- Andrew B. Jr. (Calgary, AB)

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