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December 11, 2023

Uncover the mysteries of Canada's most notorious unsolved cases

Jean Sampare

Over 50 Years Later, There Are Still No Clues To What Happened To Virginia Sampare

18-year-old Jean Virginia Sampare was last seen by Alvin (her cousin) on Highway 16 outside Gitsegukla on October 14, 1971. He left her alone as he cycled home to get a jacket, and she was gone when he returned. worked at the Royal Packing Company salmon canning plant in Claxton.

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Baby Parker

Mysterious Death Of Newborn 'Baby Parker' In Brantford

Baby Parker was found wrapped in a towel by a local woman walking her dog. The next day, Brantford police received a call from somebody who found a "bloodied object" in their backyard, which was revealed to be Baby Parker's placenta through DNA.

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Susan Tice and Erin Gilmour

Police Arrest A Man In Connection With The Killings Of Susan Tice And Erin Gilmour

Police arrest Joseph George Sutherland, 61, of Moosonee, ON. He's facing two counts of first-degree murder in connection with the killings of Susan Tice and Erin Gilmour. Sutherland is from a family of five brothers.

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Kelly Cook

Abduction And Murder Of Kelly Cook

On April 22, 1981, at 8:20 A.M., Kelly received a phone call from a man identifying himself as Bill CHRISTENSEN. The caller asked if she would babysit that evening. Kelly agreed and arrangements were made. She was never seen again.

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Charles Horvath-Allan

After 32 Years, Charles Horvath-Allan Is Officially Presumed Dead

Charles was last positively identified on the 26 May 1989 cashing a cheque at a bank in Orchard Pk. He was due to meet up with his mother and step-father in Hong Kong for his 21st birthday.

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Theresa Allore

Canadian Student Theresa Allore Who Disappeared In 1978 Was Found In The Water

Allore was a 19-year-old college student at the time of her death. When her body was discovered police then suggested that she was the possible victim of a drug overdose, perhaps with the assistance of fellow college students.

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