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UCF #104200164

Unsolved Homicide of Michael Leonard Hamm

Michael Leonard Hamm

Michael Leonard Hamm

Halifax, Nova Scotia — Michael Leonard Hamm was shot dead while walking along Windsor Street near Duncan on August 28, 1985.

Halifax Regional Police are hoping someone will come forward with new information as they marked the 36th anniversary of the murder of Michael Leornard Hamm this year.

Police were called to a west end neighbourhood at around 7:45 p.m. on August 28, 1985 after gunshots rang out. Arriving officers found Hamm's body near the corner of Windsor and Duncan streets. He had been shot dead.

Before being shot, police believe Michael had left his Tower Road residence and he had been walking along Windsor Street. When he neared Duncan Street, they believe a suspect ran up to him, shot him, then fled the area.

According to the Rewards for Major Unsolved Crimes Program, Hamm had also been the victim of a shooting earlier that year and police haven't ruled out a connection between the two incidents.

"Investigators believe there are people who have information that could help solve Michael's murder and we hope that the passage of time will encourage them to do the right thing and come forward with what they know," said police in a news release.

"It is never too late to come forward and the smallest piece of information may be just what is needed to progress the investigation."

Police can be contacted at 902-490-5016 and anonymous tips can be submitted through Crime Stoppers.

As the case is also a part of the province's Rewards for Major Unsolved Crimes Program, those who offer up information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible could be eligible for a cash reward of up to $150,000. All calls to 1-888-710-9090 are recorded and those who come forward need to provide their name and contact information, and might be called to testify in court.

The reward is payable in Canadian funds and will be apportioned as deemed just by the Minister of Justice for the Province of Nova Scotia. Employees of law enforcement and correctional agencies are not eligible to collect this reward.

Dave Taranto

Dave Taranto

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