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Jean Virginia Sampare
Last seen on Highway 16
UCF #104200049
Location: Gitsegukla, British Columbia, Canada
File: Jean Virginia Sampare was last seen on Highway 16
Contributor: William R.

Jean Virginia Sampare

File Number: 104200049

Gitsegukla, British Columbia, Canada: 18-year-old Jean Virginia Sampare was last seen by her cousin on Highway 16 outside Gitsegukla on 14 October 1971.

He left her alone as he cycled home to get a jacket, and she was gone when he returned.

Her siblings are Anne, Winnie, Sandra, Virginia and Rod, with Sandra being the youngest. She attended high school in Hazelton, British Columbia. When she was older, she worked in a cannery and as a caretaker for her siblings.

She lived with her parents in Gitsegukla. Rod described their parents as very strict and watchful; the children were not allowed to play after 9 and their parents made them work hard.

Sampare was planning to move to Terrace with Rod later in the month that she went missing. Despite the police and local community searching nearby areas for her for the 8 days following her disappearance, their efforts proved unsuccessful.

She has not been seen since.

Shockingly, Sampare's boyfriend also had gone missing shortly before she disappeared. His remains were found after Sampare disappeared. He had drowned in the Skeena River. Full Story »

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