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Brittany Stalman
Last seen by her family on November 13, 2006
UCF #104200212
Location: North Delta, British Columbia, Canada
File: The Disappearance of Brittany Stalman
Contributor: Amanda W.

Brittany Stalman

File Number: 104200212

North Delta, B.C. - Brittany Stalman was last seen by her family on November 13, 2006 as she walked out of the home they shared in North Delta, BC. After an argument on the phone with her boyfriend, Brittany told her father she was going on a walk to clear her head and left around 1:00 pm, and it would be the last time her family would see her.

Did Brittany kill herself after arguing with her boyfriend? This is possible, of course, but unlikely. Brittany's mother, Sandra Stalman, explained that her daughter "does suffer from bouts of depression." However, Sandra also added that Brittany's "got ups and downs no different than any other, but she's basically a happy kid." People can hide their depression from their friends and family. But I find it odd that if Brittany did kill herself her body has never been found.

Physical Description

Date Of Birth: October 8, 1989
Age at Time of Disappearance: 17 years old
Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 5'6"; 110 lbs.
Distinguishing Characteristics: Female; White; Long Brown Hair; Brown Eyes.

Brittany's loved ones need at least some sense of closure. The Delta Police say that they've "exhausted all traditional avenues" in their search for Brittany. Someone out there knows what happened to Brittany, and it's time for them to come forward.

If you have any information about this case, please contact the Delta Police at 604-946-4411.

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Casey Rose Bohun
Disappeared from Her Bedroom
UCF #104200159
Location: North Delta, British Columbia, Canada
File: Mysterious Disappearance of 3-Year-Old Casey Rose Bohun
Contributor: Amanda W.

Casey Rose Bohun

File Number: 104200159

Casey was only three when she disappeared from her bedroom in North Delta, British Columbia. She was last seen by her mother at bedtime in the evening of Aug. 5, 1989. She was living with her mother, her one-year-old sister and her mother's boyfriend.

Casey didn't know the neighbourhood very well because the family had only moved to the area a month before. The family was new to the region and Casey would not have known the area well. Her family had just moved to North Delta from Langley, British Columbia a month previously, so the neighbourhood would be unknown to her.

Police say it is possible Casey was abducted and is living somewhere else in Canada or the United States. She would now be 35 years old.

Casey Rose Bohun
Casey Bohun when she went missing (on the left) and what she might have looked like in 2016 (on the right).

Missing since - Aug. 5, 1989

Year of birth - 1986

Age at disappearance - 3

Gender - female

Eye colour - brown

Hair - red, short

Teeth - Other, chipped left top tooth

Height - 91cm / 3 ft 0 in

Weight - 13kg / 29lb

Build - slender/thin

Complexion - light/fair

Dozens of volunteers joined the search for Casey, but no trace of her has been found.

Officers say the girl's disappearance had a devastating effect on her family and her mother committed suicide in 2001.

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