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Loc Token: ucf9c1g0420900351
Case Status: UNSOLVED
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada/Mexico
File Name: Toronto-Area Woman's Murder in Mexico
Author/Contributor: Duncan M.

Victoria Tori Marsbergen

File Number: 104200035

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: They found Victoria "Tori" Marsbergen's body in a dusty cemetery near the airport in the lawless Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez.

It was reportedly her first visit to the tough border town across the Rio Grande.

Overwhelmed local cops claimed she was battered to death with a rock and died from head trauma.

The 21-year-old Canadian woman, who is believed to be from the Toronto area had been living in El Paso, Texas, when she disappeared, El Diario De Juarez reported. Tori was last seen in this car bearing New Mexico plates. Tori Marsbergen had not been heard from since April 29, 2019 and her mom, Tammy Daniels, took to social media looking for help. She also filed a missing person report with the El Paso Police.

Daniels wrote on Facebook: "Her phone is off. Her phone is her life and she will never let it just die or turn it off, especially this long. Tori as everyone knows her, has not shown up for work either." Read more »

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Loc Token: ucf9c1g0420900511
Case Status: UNSOLVED
Location: Arnprior, Ontario, Canada
File Name: Disappearance Of Adrien McNaughton
Author/Contributor: Fred U.

Adrien McNaughton

File Number: 104200051

Arnprior, Ontario: On June 12, 1972, while on a family fishing trip at Holmes Lake near Calabogie, Ontario, Adrien McNaughton was fishing for about an hour with his father, Murray McNaughton.

Adrien became tired and stopped fishing because his line was tangled. He sat down on a nearby rock, then left the lakeshore to play a short distance away.

He then wandered away from his father, his two older brothers, and a friend of his father into a wooded area. The father after noticing that Adrien was missing, sent Adrien's eldest brother Lee McNaughton to the car to search for him.

When Lee didn't find Adrien a search was sent out to find him. Hours later when Adrien was not found, the police were contacted.

At the time of his disappearance he was wearing a blue nylon parka jacket, an orange striped shirt, brown shorts, and boots with rubber soles.

A massive search was conducted to find McNaughton as thousands of volunteers led by the armed forces searched the area where Adrien had gone missing.

While extensive searching was conducted, no clue to his whereabouts was found.

In 2009 with the use of new digital technology, his parents hoped to find him as an adult. Also in 2009 when Adrien's parents were contacted by the Toronto Sun, his mother declined to be interviewed and referred questions to the police.

A CBC original podcast called Someone Knows Something investigated Adrien McNaughton's disappearance, beginning in 2015. The show is hosted, written and produced by award-winning Canadian filmmaker David Ridgen, and its first episodes were released in March 2016.

On April 23, 2016, as part of the investigation for SKS, five highly trained volunteers conducted a search dive of Holmes Lake, looking for the remains of McNaughton, after four separate cadaver dogs indicated that they were detecting human remains in the area.

A tooth-like object and small piece of rubber that may have belonged to a shoe were uncovered under eight feet of water. The tooth-like object when examined by the police was found not to be human.

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Loc Token: ucf9c1g0420900531
Case Status: [ SOLVED ]
Location: Sunderland, Ontario, Canada
File Name: Who killed Christine Jessop?
Author/Contributor: Elvis M.

Christine Jessop

File Number: 104200053

This Case is Solved

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Unsolved Case Files Group

Loc Token: ucf9c1g0420900721
Case Status: UNSOLVED
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
File Name: Two Women Murdered
Author/Contributor: Rayman J.

Susan Tice and Erin Gilmour

File Number: 104200072

Susan Tice had recently made the move from Calgary to Toronto, Ontario before she went missing. When her brother hadn't heard from her after reaching the city, he ended up flying to Toronto to check up on her. When he arrived, Susan was nowhere to be found and her mailbox was overflowing with mail. Upon entering the house to look around he found that she had been sexually assaulted and stabbed to death.

Erin Gilmour was the next victim four months later after being discovered in her home in Yorkville a short walk away from Susan Tice's home. She suffered the exact same trauma and injuries that Susan Tice had endured and after the police conducted a DNA test in 2002, they discovered the same person had killed both women. Read full story »

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Loc Token: ucf9c1g0420900731
Case Status: UNSOLVED
Location: Clinton, Ontario, Canada
File Name: Murder Of Lynne Harper
Author/Contributor: Ann D.

Lynne Harper

File Number: 104200073

Clinton, Ontario: 12 year old Lynne Harper disappeared near a Canadian Air Force Base in 1959 before her body was found two days later on a farm located nearby. The first suspect was her schoolmate, Steven Truscott who was two years her senior and the last one to be seen with her.

Truscott was not only charged with the murder and found guilty but he had been tried as an adult and sentenced to death. The sentence was changed shortly after to prison for life. He spent 10 years locked up before a new investigation was conducted in 2007 that proved his innocence.

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Unsolved Case Files Group

Unsolved Case Files Group

Loc Token: ucf9c1g0420900851
Case Status: UNSOLVED
Location: Huntsville, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada
File Name: Disappearance of Joan Lawrence "Cat Lady"
Author/Contributor: Michael B.


File Number: 104200085

Huntsville, Ontario: Last known to be living on the property of the Laan family touted as a retirement home, Joan Lawrence, 77. was paying over $700 in rent for an uninsulated shack without running water, heat, or electricity. It is believed that Lawrence, a "cat lady," selected this accommodation to keep over 30 cats as pets.

After being reported missing on 25 November 1998, the resulting Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) investigation did not locate Lawrence's body but identified three other residents - John Semple (90), John Crofts (71), and Ralph Grant (70) - as missing. Their pension cheques, however, were still being cashed.

No bodies have been recovered and no one has faced charges in Lawrence's presumed homicide. Read full story »

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Unsolved Case Files Group

Unsolved Case Files Group

Loc Token: ucf9c1g0420900961
Case Status: UNSOLVED
Location: Napanee, Ontario, Canada
File Name: Napanee Jane Doe
Author/Contributor: Lisa M.

Napanee Jane Doe

File Number: 104200096

Jane Doe - The corpse of an unidentified white female between the ages of 18-25 years old was found in a ditch along a country road near Napanee, Ontario in 1984. It is believed that she was not local resident but had been murdered elsewhere, possibly in Quebec, and dumped at this location.

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Loc Token: ucf9c1g0420901041
Case Status: UNSOLVED
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
File Name: Mysterious Death of Dalmar
Author/Contributor: Sayed A.

Sumaya Dalmar

File Number: 104200104

Toronto, Ontario: Somali-Canadian transgender model Sumaya Dalmar, 26, died under mysterious circumstances on February of 2015. Many speculate that her death was a homicide and was one of the many violent hate crimes against transgender women of color which occurred around the same time of that year.

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Loc Token: ucf9c1g0420901051
Case Status: UNSOLVED
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
File Name: Murder of Colonel Altikat
Author/Contributor: Kashvi B.

Atilla Altikat

File Number: 104200105

Ottawa, Ontario: Atilla Altikat, 45, was a Colonel in the Turkish Armed Forces who had been operating in Canada as a military attache. He was fatally gunned down in 1982 on his way to work as part of a series of attacks on Turkish diplomats around the world. Although far-left Armenian militant group ASALA claimed responsibility for these attacks, Altikat's specific killer has not since been named.

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Loc Token: ucf9c1g0420901131
Case Status: [ SOLVED ]
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
File Name: Vanished Mysteriously in Toronto
Author/Contributor: Matt N.

Jacqueline McNeil

File Number: 104200113

This Case is Solved

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Loc Token: ucf9c1g0420901211
Case Status: UNSOLVED
Location: Brantford, Ontario, Canada
File Name: Disappearance of Mary Emma Hammond
Author/Contributor: Daniel N.

Mary Emma Hammond

File Number: 104200121

Brantford, Ontario: Mary Emma Hammond (nee Bisenthal) left her townhome unit on Elgin St., around 3:30 a.m. on September 8, 1983. She had the early morning shift at the former Buns Master Bakery, 110 Morton Ave., where she had worked for approximately one year.

Mary declined her husband's offer to drive her to work and left the home alone on the approximately 1.5 km walk.

Walking north on Park Road North (now Wayne Gretzky Parkway) she passed the Massey-Ferguson factory and cut across the field towards the rear of the bakery. Approximately 4:00 a.m. a co-worker called Mary's husband asking why she hadn't arrived at work. Her footprints were followed to the property line at the rear of the bakery and to a point where Mary cut across a field. They then disappeared.

Police were notified. Evidence at the scene includes some items from her lunch, a cup, dish and a half-eaten apple, one of Mary's white sockettes and a small quantity of blood in an area of the field.

At the time of her disappearance Mary Hammond was 25 years old, 5'10", 140 lbs., with long straight reddish-brown hair, brown eyes and a fair complexion.

She was last seen wearing a blue, mauve and red lumber jacket, blue jeans, white Adidas running shoes with a silver stripe and a yellow T-shirt.

Investigators received information that a pickup truck left the rear of the bakery around the time Mary disappeared. The truck was seen parked at the back of the bakery parking lot and later driving through the rear lot. It is described as an older brown pick-up possibly a Ford, with painted bumpers and round headlights. Despite appealing to the public and an exhaustive police investigation, no truck matching that description has ever been found.

Anyone with information about Mary Hammond is to contact the Brantford Police Service at 519-756-7050 or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

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Loc Token: ucf9c1g0420901431
Case Status: UNSOLVED
Location: Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
File Name: Justice for John Horvath
Author/Contributor: Matt N.

John Horvath

File Number: 104200143

A property crime escalating into a cold-blooded homicide is a rarity, but the Niagara Regional Police Service believe this is exactly what transpired twenty years ago when victim John Horvath interrupted a break and enter inside his Welland home.

On Jan. 4, 1999, during the early stages of the investigation, police discovered a back door to the Norway Avenue home of Horvath had been physically forced open. Police were initially contacted by concerned neighbours after snow from a recent storm had yet to be shovelled by Horvath.

Upon entry, and what appeared to be a routine break and enter quickly morphed into a homicide investigation when the body of Horvath was located mere steps away, inside the unsecured home at the bottom of stairs that led to the basement of the home.

Police believe the forced entry and homicide occurred two days earlier, on Jan. 2, 1999. Horvath had been beaten to death.

Police believe the suspect(s) were anticipating the Norway Avenue home to be unoccupied. Instead, the person or persons responsible were unexpectedly confronted by the homeowner after forcefully entering the home by unknown means.

Horvath was a former shop teacher from E.L. Crossley Secondary School in Welland. At the time of the murder, Horvath was a retiree in his mid-seventies, living alone in his Norway Avenue home.

Niagara regional police are seeking the public's assistance for any information pertaining to the solvable cold case homicide of Horvath, 20 years after this horrific crime occurred.

"The investigation into the unsolved homicide of Mr. John Horvath remains open and the Niagara Regional Police Service is committed to continuing this investigation in order to identify the person or people responsible," says Staff Sgt. Luigi Greco from the Niagara Regional Police Service major crime unit.

Investigators are encouraging anyone who may have information related to this unsolved homicide to contact the homicide unit at 905-688-4111 ext. 4200 or online at

To leave an anonymous tip, please contact Crime Stoppers of Niagara at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or online:

Crime Stoppers guarantees that you will remain anonymous through any of the methods offered to provide tips and you will never be asked to appear in court. You may also be eligible to receive a cash reward of up to $2,000 if the information leads to an arrest.

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Loc Token: ucf9c1g0420901491
Case Status: UNSOLVED
Location: Pickering, Ontario, Canada
File Name: 6 Lost Boys of Pickering in 1995
Author/Contributor: Matt N.

6 Lost Boys of Pickering in 1995

File Number: 104200149

In what would become a fateful headline, the 'Lost Boys' of Lake Ontario - and an unsolved case of multiple missing persons - has left many questions unanswered for 25 years today (2020).

Pickering, Ontario, 1995: After leaving a neighborhood basement party on a cold night a group of six teenage boys (who had been drinking) headed out for some clandestine 'goofing around' at the Lake Ontario.

The last time the Lost Boys were seen was when they stumbled into the marina on March 17, 1995 after a night of partying. Jay, 17, was with Chad Smith, 18, Robbie Rumboldt, 17, all of Pickering; Jamie Lefebvre, 17, of Scarborough; Michael Cummins, 17, of Oshawa; and Danny Higgins, 16, of Ajax.

Jay was tall and muscular, and had a blazing fastball that labelled him as a baseball phenom in his early teens. He'd done time for assault and was facing more assault and weapons charges. He also had a daughter with his girlfriend Monique, who shared a rented basement apartment with Boyle.

That night, Boyle's mother was taking care of baby Kierra, who turns 21 this year (2020). The boys broke into two marinas and stole a four-metre imitation Boston Whaler, and made off with that, a three-wheeled paddleboat they boosted the night before and a case of beer they found in another boat. Residents heard the sound of a motorboat at 2:30 and 3 a.m., but the boys were never seen again.

A massive search effort was underway 36 hours after the boys were last seen. Durham and Toronto Police were joined by the Coast Guard, a Hercules C-130 aircraft and a helicopter from the Canadian Forces base in Trenton. Nothing was ever found. None of their bodies nor the boats they were on have ever been found. More on this case »

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November 5, 2020

Three of the sketches Interactive Map Shows Locations Where Unidentified Remains of Close 200 People Have Been Found Across B.C. - "If we can embrace technology and make things better for a family that has got no answers on something, all the better," said Andy Watson, spokesperson for the coroners service

Matt November 5, 2020

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