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Adrien McNaughton

UCF #104200051
Location: Arnprior, Ontario, Canada
File: Disappearance Of Adrien McNaughton
Contributor: Fred U.

Adrien McNaughton

File Number: 104200051

Arnprior, Ontario - On June 12, 1972, while on a family fishing trip at Holmes Lake near Calabogie, Ontario, Adrien McNaughton was fishing for about an hour with his father, Murray McNaughton.

Adrien became tired and stopped fishing because his line was tangled. He sat down on a nearby rock, then left the lakeshore to play a short distance away.

He then wandered away from his father, his two older brothers, and a friend of his father into a wooded area. The father after noticing that Adrien was missing, sent Adrien's eldest brother Lee McNaughton to the car to search for him.

When Lee didn't find Adrien a search was sent out to find him. Hours later when Adrien was not found, the police were contacted.

At the time of his disappearance he was wearing a blue nylon parka jacket, an orange striped shirt, brown shorts, and boots with rubber soles.

A massive search was conducted to find McNaughton as thousands of volunteers led by the armed forces searched the area where Adrien had gone missing.

While extensive searching was conducted, no clue to his whereabouts was found.

In 2009 with the use of new digital technology, his parents hoped to find him as an adult. Also in 2009 when Adrien's parents were contacted by the Toronto Sun, his mother declined to be interviewed and referred questions to the police.

A CBC original podcast called Someone Knows Something investigated Adrien McNaughton's disappearance, beginning in 2015. The show is hosted, written and produced by award-winning Canadian filmmaker David Ridgen, and its first episodes were released in March 2016.

On April 23, 2016, as part of the investigation for SKS, five highly trained volunteers conducted a search dive of Holmes Lake, looking for the remains of McNaughton, after four separate cadaver dogs indicated that they were detecting human remains in the area.

A tooth-like object and small piece of rubber that may have belonged to a shoe were uncovered under eight feet of water. The tooth-like object when examined by the police was found not to be human.

Justin Rutter

Missing since 2009
UCF #104200233
Location: Ottawa, Ontario. Canada
File: Ottawa Teen Justin Rutter Vanished Without a Trace
Contributor: Fred U.

Justin Rutter

File Number: 104200233

Ottawa, Ontario - On Oct. 10, 2009, a Saturday story in the Ottawa Citizen told readers that the 14-year-old Justin Rutter had never before stayed away from home overnight. They were asked to keep an eye out for the slim, caucasian teenager with light brown hair and brown eyes, last seen by a friend Thursday night before they parted ways on Cote Street near St. Laurent Boulevard.

"Justin told the friend around 10 p.m. that he planned to stay out late, or perhaps all night. He did not say why," the report reads. It was the first unanswered question in a case that would generate countless others.

Though it began with an all-too-familiar story - a young person is reported missing, police ask the public for leads, loved ones pray they're located safely - the mystery of Justin's disappearance has deepened and darkened with the passage of time.

The cold case is now more than a decade old, and the narrative surrounding his disappearance has shifted. Every possible theory about what happened to the 14-year-old has disturbing implications. His family has been devastated, and his mother left to question her son's fate, and how his case was handled.

Ottawa Police is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone with information confirming the current whereabouts of Justin Rutter or leading to the arrest and prosecution of the person(s) responsible for his disappearance.

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