What happens to missing people? Where do they go when they disappear?

Missing persons are generally defined as those who have been missing for over 2 weeks. For someone who has disappeared for longer than two weeks, there is a chance that the person may be physically alive, but in very bad condition.

Amanda W.
Nov 29 2021 ·
Highway of Tears
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Most of the time, when someone has disappeared for two weeks or more, it's because they were abducted by an opportunistic crime perpetrator, or a predator that wanted to harm the victim (and often knew them personally).

In the vast majority of "missing persons" cases, the people have "disappeared" voluntarily. That doesn't necessarily mean that they are safe, it just means that they chose to leave their homes or towns.

In some rare cases, people have been "found dead", but in most cases, there is no evidence that the person is alive. What's the likelihood that this individual will be found dead? It depends on a number of factors.

It depends on the circumstances surrounding their disappearance. It also depends on where they went and if he had any friends/family/acquaintances who might look for them. If they were involved in criminal activity, they could have been killed. If they were a witness to a crime, they could be in hiding.

Many of the disappearances are completely random, but some are people who may have met with foul play. A lot of times, when these disappearances occur, they're not the type of disappearance that people want to think about.

And some of these disappearances have occurred in such remote places that even the police don't know what happened. The fact is, we've been able to get a few of these disappearances and show them in court. Some of them, we've been able to get convictions.

I think the most important thing is to know that this could happen to you or someone you know. I think we've all been through enough as it is, so when this happens, it makes us all aware that we really don't know what's going on around us.

There are the type of disappearances that people wish would just go away and never happen again, or the type of disappearances that the person themselves will be extremely disappointed in themselves for even happening.

The last time a young woman from our area vanished, her mother had put her on a bus and she was going to visit her sister in another city. When she didn't come home, her family started calling her name and waiting for her to return home, but she never did. They later found out that she was murdered.

Now, when I say 'disappearance' in this case, it's not referring to the fact that she just got up one morning, took off her clothes and walked out of her house. She was never missing, or anything like that. She was just gone.

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