List of killings by police officers in Canada in 2019 and 2020

This is a list of people whose deaths were caused by, or in relation to an interaction with non-military law enforcement officers in Canada. The list includes deaths caused by officers both on and off duty, and does not discriminate by method or motivation.

Barbara B.
Dec 08 2021 ·
Police killings
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This list is incomplete; there are no official statistics on fatal shootings by law enforcement officers in Canada, though the range had previously been estimated to be between 10 and 20 per year.

The list is ordered by year of death:


June 25: Jonathan Bacon, 58, was shot dead by an officer at an apartment complex on the Ottawa River near Rockcliffe Park.

July 10: Lorne MacKinnon, 31, was shot and killed by an officer on patrol in South Vancouver. MacKinnon died at the scene; the officer has not been charged.

August 6: Domenic Tommasone, 24, was shot and killed by police while sitting inside a vehicle in East York, Toronto. The officer has been charged with second-degree murder.

August 20: David Joseph Miller, 27, was shot and killed by two police officers at a home in North Saanich, B.C.

September 15: Paul Charles Renaud, 59, was shot and killed by a police officer during a traffic stop in Toronto.

October 28: Mark Anthony MacPhail, 22, was shot and killed by police after a car chase in Toronto.

November 4: Matthew Alan Gorman, 31, was shot dead by police during an attempted arrest in Brantford, ON.

December 5: James Michael Scott, 37, was shot and killed by police in Toronto after he ran from an officer following an alleged break-in of a van.

December 20: Richard Paul Follis, 23, was shot and killed by police while driving in the town of Grand Bend, ON.

February 6: Kevin Michael Elliott, 41, was shot and killed by police in Toronto after an officer noticed Elliott's car swerving and crashing into a light pole.


March 3: Raymond John Collins, 25, was shot and killed by police in Toronto after allegedly assaulting a female officer.

April 8: Hudson, an Indigenous teenager, was shot by Winnipeg Police following a police chase in response to a liquor store robbing. She was pronounced dead in hospital.

April 9: Robert Hines, 45, was shot and killed by police in Toronto after being pulled over for driving without a license plate.

May 15: James William Anderson, 38, was shot and killed by police in Toronto after fleeing an armed robbery in which he was a suspect.

July 09: An unnamed, 60-year-old male was shot and killed by the Halifax District RCMP. This fatal incident occurred when officers were investigating a complaint regarding an armed individual who was uttering threats.

August 23: Andrew Loku, 43, was shot and killed by police in Toronto after they were called to his residence following reports of shots fired.

September 09: An armed man who barricaded himself in a residence was fatally shot by Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). Investigators say that officers were outside of the males residence and were in the process of setting up an exterior perimeter, when the man suddenly approached police with a gun in his hand

September 10: Andrew Lutte-Goulonge, 20, was shot and killed by police in Toronto after he allegedly threatened to kill an officer during a road rage incident.

October 11: Anthony Wabigoon, 46, was shot and killed by police in Toronto after they were called to his home to investigate reports of gunshots being fired.

October 13: Michael B├ędard, a 29-year-old male was killed after being struck by a police patrol car in Quebec (Mont-Laurier).

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