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Loc Token: ucf9c1g0420900731
Case Status: UNSOLVED
Location: Clinton, Ontario, Canada
File Name: Murder Of Lynne Harper
Author/Contributor: Ann D.

Lynne Harper

File Number: 104200073

Clinton, Ontario: 12 year old Lynne Harper disappeared near a Canadian Air Force Base in 1959 before her body was found two days later on a farm located nearby. The first suspect was her schoolmate, Steven Truscott who was two years her senior and the last one to be seen with her.

Truscott was not only charged with the murder and found guilty but he had been tried as an adult and sentenced to death. The sentence was changed shortly after to prison for life. He spent 10 years locked up before a new investigation was conducted in 2007 that proved his innocence.

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Unsolved Case Files Group

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